request for BUDGET OVERAGE

Submit this form if requesting additional funds that have not already been approved in the 2017 Budget.  


Business meals & entertainment

This form should be filled out anytime food is purchased from a restaurant using a church credit card. (For rules on what food purchases are considered business expenses, talk to Jenny) Attach this form to your receipt and turn it in with your weekly credit card report.


Credit card usage & reports

View this document to learn about our credit card policy as well as how to fill out your weekly credit card report.


Expense Reimbursement

Forget your church credit card and don't want to make all those cheese and fruit trays your tithe this month?  Fill out this form for a reimbursement and expect a 2 week turnaround!


Financial Support 

Fill out this form to request support for you or your ministry.



Need to get a check written to make a payment?  Submit this form at least 2 weeks prior to your needed date of payment!


Tax Exemption

As a 501-C3 organization, we are exempt from paying sales tax.  This form is required for each purchase as proof of exemption.