Drums are the most powerful instrument on a stage.

At Antioch, we are power drummers. Our style is more simple than complicated and more authoritative than impressive. We play by the 80/20 rule – 80 percent of sound on drums, 20 percent of sound on cymbals. Our fills are simple and purposeful, but infrequent. What we play complements the other instruments in the band. We are aware of where the song is going so we can lead into each section of the song. We build simply – the bigger we get, the simpler and more open we get. We are more supportive than ornamental.



  • Ability to play to a click
  • Ability to play a song lick for lick, maintaining the integrity and atmosphere of the original composition
  • Full sound with an emphasis on solid body
  • Simple fills
  • A powerful attack on the drums
  • Ability to listen and play in sync with the bass player





Rather than having you submit a video, we will contact you after you have submitted the volunteer form to schedule a time for you to come audition with the worship department in person. This will hopefully prevent you from having to find all of the materials needed to submit a video of you playing your instrument! You can expect to hear back within 2 weeks about scheduling an audition.