Keys create atmosphere and make transitions happen throughout a set and service.

We are keys players; not merely pianists. We shoot for simple as opposed to cluttered or busy. We generally have a pad layered beneath what we play to create atmosphere and texture. It is our responsibility to anticipate and ensure transitions happen smoothly. Whether moving between songs or shifting from the sermon to ministry time, we are the bridge that connects the two parts. Keys are rarely the standout instrument, but we can play lead lines when the music calls for it. We are always aware of what the electric guitar is playing so we complement each other rather than step on one other. 



  • Ability to play to a click
  • Ability to play a song lick for lick
  • A basic understanding of the Nashville Number System
  • Ability to play chord inversions
  • Ability to play a simple pad
  • Make smooth transitions between songs and other service segments





Rather than having you submit a video, we will contact you after you have submitted the volunteer form below to schedule a time for you to come audition with the worship department in person. This will hopefully prevent you from having to find all of the materials needed to submit a video of you playing your instrument! You can expect to hear back within 2 weeks about scheduling an audition.