Scheduling events

Updated 9/20/2016 by Calen Taylor

  1. On your group calendar in CCB, click "New Event"
    • Choose "Rooms & Resources Needed"
    • Give the event an accurate date and time
    • Assign an event organizer
    • Verify other settings to your preference
    • Click "Save"
  2. Once created, select "Rooms & Resources" tab within the event
    • Select "Request rooms and resources"
    • Click on the room you need
      • Select the time frame your event will occur in the top left
      • If there are no scheduling conflicts, move on!  Otherwise, consult with the conflicting event's organizer or choose another date/time
    • Drag and drop the room you need into the "Rooms" pane
    • Click "Resources" tab on the right hand side
      • Select the "A/V equipment" category
      • Select the event resources you need - drag and drop each resource unde the room requested (quantity "1" every time)
  3. On the left hand side, under "Setup Information", please provide:
    • Details of your expectations for the event in the "General Setup Notes"
    • Estimated attendance (VERY important)
  4. Click "Save"
  5. DO NOT "Approve" your own event
    1. The event and room reservations are approved by the Communications Director
    2. Resources will be approved by the Worship Pastor and Media Director