What to expect

Here are some things you should know before you come to your first day of work:

  • Dress Code: our work attire is what we like to call "casual business." The idea is to look nice and presentable but still on the casual side. Acceptable attire for men is jeans, pants, polos, button ups, non-graphic tees, closed toed shoes. Acceptable attire for women is jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, blouses, non-graphic tees, nice looking sandals, shoulders covered. See the Employee Handbook for more specifics.
  • Bring your computer with you! We don't have computers for our employees, so you'll need to use your own.
  • Finish all of your paper work so you can turn it all in on your first day.
  • Feel free to bring your lunch if you'd like! We have a refrigerator for the staff, so there is a place to keep your food cold. We also have a microwave to warm it up. 

Getting Started In Your New Roll

Here is a list of things to do on your first day at work:

  • Meet with Claire to:
    • Clarify your weekly schedule if you haven't already
    • Go on a building tour 
    • Turn in all necessary paperwork 
    • Get your keys and alarm code
  • Set up your personal work space, your Antioch email, and your TrackSmart account
  • Meet with your supervisor to get a run down of your new job and find out their expectations for your first week
  • Review your job description and duties, understand how your job fits in the department and how your job and department contribute to the church as a whole
  • Read the Employee Handbook and ask Claire any questions you have about it
  • Introduce yourself to others in the office, they want to know you! 
  • Sign up for country-wide newsletters from Jenn Mayhew
    • Send an introductory email to jenn-mayhew@aminternational.org including your name, position, and your interest in receiving newsletters.
    • Jenn Mayhew will respond with a welcome email. Included will be a link that you need to follow to officially sign up for the Antioch newsletter.
  • Start memorizing our Leadership Values and be able to explain the importance of each one