standards & expectations



Ultimately, our goal as worship leaders is to point each person we lead to an encounter with God. Part of accomplishing this is a personal walk with the Lord. We ask that each of our team members is actively pursuing Jesus through set-aside time with Him, modeling what it looks like to live a life transformed by the gospel of the kingdom! When we serve on a platform, it’s natural for strangers to recognize and watch us closely off-stage. We want our countenance, integrity, and humility to remain the same in a coffee shop, grocery store or driving down the road as when we are serving under the lights.

Additionally, our heart is that each team member is involved in lifegroup and discipleship relationships. We don’t want to be strangers to the people we’re leading and we want to ensure that we are growing in all areas of life!


dress code

As a member of our worship team we ask that you take special consideration in what you wear each time you lead, ensuring that your appearance is not a distraction from our primary goal—people encountering God! As leaders in our church, we ask that you value the integrity of your service by joyfully submitting to the standards we provide. We set these standards to help us all steward the gifts that God has given us and provide room for God to move without hindrance or distraction in our Church. I hope that these standards have been clearly defined for you—if you have any questions, please feel free to ask for further explanation!

  1. Pants

    • Why: Men and women are both required to wear pants as opposed to shorts, skirts, or dresses. Skirts/dresses are a risky selection for stage use based on viewing angles. Shorts are more casual than we want to present from the stage.

    • Fit: We ask that you select the fit of pants conservatively. If your pants are form fitting, make sure the fabric is thick enough to feel modest. Also, if your pants are form fitting, try to wear a longer shirt/top that covers down past your pockets. The goal here is to look presentable, but also ignorable. If your outfit causes someone distraction, you’ve missed the point of worship leading!

    • Appearance: Please avoid distressing fabric that exposes areas of skin larger than a quarter. Even large knee holes can be distracting visually. Skin shown above the knee is not permitted whatsoever (male & female). No leggings, tights, jeggings, or similar. (Tip: The safest choice of material here would be denim or a similar material)

  2. Shirts

    • Graphics: Please ensure that your shirt does not contain any graphics. Stripes and like designs are fine, but please refrain from shirts that contain words, abstract graphics, or pictures.

    • Midriff: Ensure that your shirt is either tucked in or long enough that in no position your belly is visible. A good test is to stand in front of mirror, raise your hands and make sure that you’ve still got good coverage!

    • Collarbone: Your shirt should come high enough on your chest to cover your 2 collarbone.

    • Fit: Ensure that no matter what position you’re in, these standards hold true. Example: your shirt does not gape open when you lean forward.

  3. Shoes

    • Men: No open-toed shoes (sandals, Chacos)

    • Women: Dressy sandals are permitted. Please refrain from wearing flip-flops, Chacos, or other casual sandals.

  4. Hats

    • No hats: This is not a doctrinal point for our church, but we feel our congregation is best served without hats!

  5. Things to consider

    • Lighting Effects/Opacity: When you are on stage, you are under direct lighting. Some fabrics become see-through when this happens. Make sure you’re protected from this exposure!

    • Activity: During the worship service you are likely to engage in many different postures and activities—make sure that your clothing allows you to jump, dance, bow down, etc, without compromising any of the modesty points mentioned in this guideline.


Please respond to PCO requests in a timely manner! This better enables us to find a replacement if you are unable to accept your serve request. We ask that you respond to PCO requests no later than one and a half weeks before the event. (For example: you are scheduled for 3/4, but Wednesday 2/21 you are "unconfirmed. We will take you off of Sunday 3/4 and schedule someone else in your place.)

Response to PCO


Rehearsals are crucial to mastering our sound as a band, working song transitions, and generally just getting on the same page before the service! We ask that all band members do their very best to attend every rehearsal for their scheduled event. If you have a scheduling conflict during that time, make sure to let your team worship leader know so they can plan accordingly. Additionally, we ask that you show up to rehearsal knowing your part (vocalists, know your songs; instrumentalists, know your music!). This will help us run more efficiently during rehearsal and fine-tune our set rather than having to take time to learn each part!



Please be ready to grow and develop your musicianship! Our church is part of a “training and sending” movement, so our desire is that your time on the worship team will better equip you for a lifetime of worship (whether or not that means leading). We want to help you develop your gifts and passions and steward them for eternity, but it requires effort and dedication on your part as well! If you have gone through the audition process, we assume that you are already at a skill level that complements the area in which you will be serving and that you are ready to grow and learn!



Our leadership style is one of modeling what we want to see our church walk in. For example, if we are believing for wholehearted, passionate worship in the congregation, we are going to demonstrate that in our own worship on stage. Be ready to do whatever is needed in order to see our church “get there,” whether it be pulling them in with energy and dancing or humbly bowing at God’s goodness and mercy.

Relationally, we consider this team a big family. We want to know you and be friends! Throughout the semester, we will sometimes have team nights, part-specific hangouts (ex: female vocalists, drummers, etc.), post-church Sunday lunch, or other random events. You will most likely get out what you put in, so be involved! Show up and have fun with us!

Team dynamic