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Staff Directory

Access our staff directory, cell phone numbers, and emails here.




org chart


Leave requests

Complete this form at least one week in advance.


requesting Extra hours

To request extra work hours, complete this form at least 48 hours in advance of the hours needed. 


If you see anything that needs to be fixed or improved in the building, fill out this form



guest speaker approval

Fill out this form if you are inviting a guest speaker for your ministry event. 



For holidays, the Church Offices will be closed. This means anyone (salary or hourly) who normally works on those days doesn’t come to work and it’s a paid staff holiday.  If a paid staff holiday falls on a day that you are not scheduled to work, you do not get to clock hours for that day since you weren’t going to be working anyway.



  • Everyone will get up to two paid days for Thanksgiving break.

  • If you work on SUNDAYS, you will get Wednesday 11/22 and Thursday 11/23 off for Thanksgiving

  • If you work on FRIDAYS, you will get Thursday, 11/23 and Friday, 11/24 off for Thanksgiving

  • If you only work one day between Wednesday – Friday, you will just get that day off.



  • Christmas Eve and Christmas fall on Sunday and Monday, so the paid Christmas holidays will be as follows:

  • Monday, 12/25 will be a paid staff holiday for Christmas

  • Tuesday, 12/26 will be a paid staff holiday for Christmas Eve

  • If you don’t work both of these days, you don’t get an extra day.

  • We will be having a Sunday morning Christmas Eve service!


New Years

  • New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day fall on Sunday and Monday, so the paid holidays will be as follows:

  • Monday, 1/1 will be a paid staff holiday for New Year’s Day

  • Tuesday, 1/2 will be a paid staff holiday for New Year’s Eve

  • We’ll all be back to work on Wednesday, 1/3 to start 2018 with a bang!


A few more notes about the holiday season

  • Although the school semester winds down in early December, we expect everyone to continue to come to work on their normal work schedule.

  • If you would like to be out of the office more than the paid dates above, you will need to use PTO and submit a leave request at least 1 week in advance. But feel free to submit it now if you know your schedule! It will help us see who is here and who isn’t.

  • We will not be allowing people to work in another city during the holidays. If you are working, we ask that you be at the office. If you will be out of town, then please use PTO and request off.

request for BUDGET OVERAGE

Submit this form if requesting additional funds that have not already been approved in the 2017 Budget.  


Business meals & entertainment

View this document for our policy on what meals are considered "business expenses."


Expense Reimbursement

Forget your church credit card and don't want to make all those cheese and fruit trays your tithe this month?  Fill out this form for a reimbursement and expect a 2 week turnaround!


Financial Support 

Fill out this form to request support for you or your ministry.



Need to get a check written to make a payment?  Submit this form at least 2 weeks prior to your needed date of payment!


Tax Exemption

As a 501-C3 organization, we are exempt from paying sales tax.  This form is required for each purchase as proof of exemption.


event request

If you, an Antioch staff member, are planning a church-affiliated event to take place on or off site, you must submit a event calendar request through CCB. This helps us know what's going on!


room & resources

Rooms/resources must be requested in order to secure them for your event. You may have your event approved, but rooms/resources must also be approved.




Step #1 Event Organizer schedules an event on CCB and requests childcare under “Resources – General”upon scheduling the event. 

Step #2 Antioch Kids Team receives childcare request & emails Event Organizer this AKC form to fill out for additional information needed to complete the childcare request.

Step #3 Children’s Director finalizes details with Event Organizer and emails Emily Davis and Event Organizer the Childcare Registration link to be distributed for the event.


request for Non-Staff Event

If an Antioch Ministry or Lifegroup wants to use a room in the building, they must go through their zone pastor or pastoral oversight.

That department’s staff representative is responsible for

  • securing approval for the event
  • submitting a calendar request
  • submitting room/resources requests
  • hosting the event

Renting Facility

If a group or ministry outside of our church wants to rent our facility for an event, direct them to fill out this form.


do's & Don'ts



  • Give as much detail about your event as necessary in it's description when requesting approval.
  • Email Emily if you have any questions.


  • DON'T assume that it's okay for you to host an event without an approved event request.
  • DON'T assume that a room/resource is free if you haven't had it approved for your event.
  • DON'T "approve" your own event or resources.
    • Event and room reservations are approved by the Communications Director & Office Manager.
    • Resources approved by the Worship Administrator, Production Tech Director & Office Manager.

Updated 11/25/2017 by Emily Davis


Submit this form for any graphic requests.  Please thoroughly read the requirements and fill it out accordingly.  Visual direction (photos, inspiration) is helpful for making your graphic meet your expectation.


Submit this form for any video requests.  Please thoroughly read the requirements and fill it out accordingly.  A follow-up meeting will be scheduled after the request is received!