Kingdom Kids is our Sunday morning program for newborns to sixth grade and is provided for both services.


Classroom lessons are uploaded at the beginning of every week. You can access your classroom’s lesson by logging into your CCB account and following these steps:

  1. Click on the “Groups” icon.

  2. Select the “Kingdom Kids Volunteers” group.

  3. Select the tab at the top titled “Files.”

  4. Within the “Files” tab will be all of the lessons for the upcoming Sunday.

  5. Select whatever classroom you are in (i.e. 2 yr old, 3 yr old, etc) and read over your lesson for the week.


  • You will be scheduled to serve during one service on a bi-weekly basis (every other week).

  • On a two-service Sunday, Team Meetings will start at 8am in the Big Room before the 9am & 11am service.


If you know that you’re going out of town or won’t be able to serve during your usual rotation, we ask that you black-out the date on CCB as soon as you are aware of the conflict. We also require you to find your own subs. You can ask people to take or switch shifts via the Kingdom Kids GroupMe or send out a message on the Kingdom Kids Volunteer CCB page. This needs to pursued and completed by the Wednesday of your serving week. If a sub cannot be found, contact Garrett no later than Thursday by 10 A.M. Any last minute emergencies that arise are understandable. In that situation, please contact Garrett as soon as you can.


*Attach link to KK training videos or slides