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Planning Center Online

When you are placed on the schedule for the first time, you should receive an email asking you to sign up for an account with Planning Center Online. We use this to schedule you for events (College Nights, Sunday services, ADS, Youth Ministry, etc.). PCO allows you to see the dates you have been scheduled to serve, to accept or deny requests, and gives you access to the setlist and team members for your events. We also ask that if you know you will be unavailable on certain dates, you block out those dates using PCO so that we don’t schedule you! Here is a link that may assist you in learning how to use PCO.


We use 64 Audio in-ear monitors for College Nights and Sunday services. (You are more than welcome to use your own ears if you already have some!) You will be given your own earbud tips and a labelled storage drawer to keep them in. Please see the pictures on how we wrap and store these ears in order to keep them in the nicest condition possible!

If you are an instrumentalist, you will control your in-ear mix from a board on stage. If you are a vocalist, you will be using a wireless pack and your mix will be controlled through the X32-Q (or M32-Q) app on your phone. Our amazing audio/visual team can also assist you in adjusting your mix!

Cleaning IEMs


Storing IEMs



Multitracks is an excellent tool for instrumentalists to use when practicing for a set. Through Multitracks, you can hear and create concepts like loops, clicks, and patches, some of which we will also use in our services. Various tutorials can be found by clicking here, and this link in particular is helpful when first getting started with multitracks.


apps to download

To better equip yourself for future practices and events, please download the following apps beforehand:

  • Planning Center Services

  • M-32Q or X-32Q (Sunday and College Nights vocalists only)

  • Music Stand (linked with PCO)


vocalist warm-ups

We want to use every minute of our rehearsals effectively, which means that we often jump right into practicing! Therefore, it is important that vocalists are already warmed up before coming to rehearsal. Below are several resources and tips you may find helpful in warming up your voice!

  1. Make sure that you are staying hydrated in the days leading up to your event! (Obviously, you should be staying hydrated at all times, but it’s especially important in this case.)

  2. Start thinking about warm-ups with enough time to make sure you’re ready for rehearsal or the actual event - especially if it involves early mornings!

  3. Here are some warm-ups that our team members have utilized:

    1. Spotify

    2. Youtube


nashville number system

If you are an instrumentalist, we use the Nashville Number System rather than a full chord chart to make transposing keys more simple. Here is a tutorial on how it works.