Ultimately, our goal as technical production team members is to help point each person we lead to an encounter with God. Part of accomplishing this is a personal walk with the Lord. We ask that each of our team members is actively pursuing Jesus through set-aside time with Him, modeling what it looks like to live a life transformed by the gospel of the kingdom! Additionally, we ask that all members of our team are involved in a lifegroup in order to ensure that you are growing in all areas of life and that you are committed to the church body.

Even though we serve behind the scenes, it’s natural for strangers to recognize and watch us closely “off-duty”. We want our countenance, integrity, and humility to remain the same in a coffee shop, grocery store or driving down the road as when we are serving under the lights.


Responding to Pco

Please respond to PCO requests in a timely manner! This better enables us to find a replacement if you are unable to accept your serve request. We ask that you respond to PCO requests no later than one week before the event. This helps us provide consistent support to the ministries we serve.  Please feel free to call us anytime to discuss any last minute changes or concerns to your schedule.