Rock On Engagement is a great way for engaged couples to go through pre-marital counseling with an Antioch mentor couple. We encourage all newly engaged couples to consider this rewarding program.

The way our Rock On course works is that we pair you up with a married mentor couple.  You and that couple will meet 5-6 times to complete the workbooks and discuss the different areas that are included.  In addition, you will receive a pair of books for you and your fiance to read and discuss together.

The program is not something with a set date, since it depends on your availability and that of the mentor couple.  The 5-6 meetings with the mentor couple can be close together if necessary, but we recommend meeting every 3 or 4 weeks over the last few months of your engagement.  It's very flexible!  When you complete the meetings with your mentor couple, you will be given a certificate that allows you to get a $60 discount on your marriage license!