Ultimately, our goal as worship leaders is to point each person we lead to an encounter with God. Part of accomplishing this is a personal walk with the Lord. We ask that each of our team members is actively pursuing Jesus through set-aside time with Him, modeling what it looks like to live a life transformed by the gospel of the kingdom! Additionally, we ask that all members of our team are involved in a lifegroup in order to ensure that you are growing in all areas of life and that you are committed to the church body.

When we serve on a platform, it’s natural for strangers to recognize and watch us closely off-stage. We want our countenance, integrity, and humility to remain the same in a coffee shop, grocery store or driving down the road as when we are serving under the lights.


Dress Code

As a member of our worship team we ask that you take special consideration in what you wear each time you lead, ensuring that your appearance is not a distraction from our primary goal—people encountering God! I hope that these standards have been clearly defined for you—if you have any questions, please feel free to ask for further explanation!

We ask that all team members wear pants to lead worship. These pants must fit conservatively and should not have distressing or holes that expose areas of skin larger than a quarter. Skin shown above the knee is not permitted whatsoever (this applies to both males and females). Leggings, tights, or jeggings are not allowed. (Tip: the safest choice is denim or a similar material.)

Please ensure that your shirt does not contain any words, abstract graphics, or pictures. Your shirt should either be tucked in or long enough that in no position is your stomach visible (especially if your arms are raised). Your shirt should come high enough on your chest to cover your collarbone and should not gape open if you lean forward.

Shoes are required to be worn for all services. Men: no open-toed sandals. Women: dressy sandals are permitted, but please refrain from wearing Chacos or flip-flops.

Hats are not allowed at any service. This is not a doctrinal point for our church, but we feel our congregation is best served without hats!


Responding to Pco

Please respond to PCO requests in a timely manner! This better enables us to find a replacement if you are unable to accept your serve request. We ask that you respond to PCO requests no later than two weeks before your scheduled event.